Oldenburg, Germany, 18 September 2019

The Civic Energy Conference - Save the Date postcard

How can citizens and communities stake their claim as driversof the energy transitions? The Conference presents effective solutions and support for civic energy stakeholders and highlights the range of benefits to be gained for communities.

Together with key European policymakers and stakeholders the Conference examines the implications of the recently adopted new European energy market design and its promise of a “level playing field” between centralized and local energy systems. The European perspective will be extended by a selection of regional and national policy initiatives designed to support community energy actors. Contributions from the COBEN project Delivering Community Beneifts of Civic Energy will focus on proven approaches and measures to mainstream the civic energy process. Finally, an outlook session will preview future directions for civic energy.

Public authorities, energy policymakers and professionals, energy agencies and civil society organisations are all invited to take part in the conference. Participation is free of charge but subject to advance registration.

The finalized conference agenda will be published here in June 2019 together with the registration details.